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LUCAS CRANACH D. AE. (Kronach 1472 – 1553 Weimar)

Johann Forster, Theologian in Wittenberg.Woodcut. Dated 1556. B. 129. Hollst. 30. Cranachcat. Basel, 1974, No. 285. Strauss, The German Single-leaf Woodcut 1550 – 1600, p. 148, 5. 18,5:14,7 cm.

From the second Edition: Dictionarium / Hebraicvm novvm... Basel, Hieronymus Froben 1564.

A wurmtrace in the lower part affecting the text in five lines.

Johann Forster (Augsburg 1496-1558 Wittenberg) was Lutheran theologian, linguist and precursor of the Reformation.

Between 1530 and 1535 he lived in Wittenberg where he became preacher to the Castle Church. He was a daily visitor at the home of Martin Luther, whom he helped with the translation of the Bible. Johann Forster was a man in transition time (Magister in Ingolstadt, the first Protestant doctor of theology in Tübingen and superintendent of the Diocese of Merseburg), he certainly was not one of the most important, but the most characteristic and most determined men of the Lutheran Reformation.

In his last years, Forster was eventualy able to complete his scientific life’s work, the multi-volume Hebrew-Latin dictionary (Dizionario Hebraicum novum, Basel 1557). It has long been the standard work.



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Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes (Fuendetodos 1746 – 1828 Bordeaux)

“Por una nabaja”. (On account of a knife). Etching, drypoint and brunisher. Plate 34. 

H. 154 III First Ed A. before the textcorrection “nabaja to navaja”. The backgrond prints with tone and the burnishing marks are still visible. This plate was never aquatinted, Harris. 


CHF 2000


“No se puede saber por que”. (One can’t tell why). Etching, burnished lavis, dtypoint and burin. Plate 35. H. 155 III First Ed. A befor the accent on the e of qué. 15,5:20,5 cm.

The lavis is darker on the background and foreground and lighter on the figures. The plateform to the left has been strongliy burnished. 



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Two gallant scences. Around 1780. The lecture in the Atrium. – The Avance in the salon. Two gouache. Each ca. 10:14 cm. 



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