A century of quality and experience

The August Laube antiquarian book and art shop is now in its third generation and continues a long tradition that focuses on the quality and authenticity of the works. The premises on Kirchgasse in Zurich are open for customers to visit at any time during the week from 11 am - 6 pm.

Foundation 1922

In 1922, August Laube sen. (1889-1983), barely 24 years old, founded the book and art antiquarian bookshop August Laube on Torgasse in Zurich. He was trained by C. Lang and H. Eisemann in Zurich, and thanks to the connections he made with the leading antiquarian booksellers of the time, he was soon successful. By the end of the 1920s, the house was already a well-known address for collectors and scholars. His areas of interest were fine books, German and French literature, Swiss graphic art and, of course, autographs of poets and musicians. He helped to build up the Beethoven collection of H. C. Bodmer, now in Bonn, and had lively contact with Stephan Zweig, parts of whose collection are now in the British Museum.

With his Swiss colleagues W. Kündig, H. Schumann and A. Klipstein, he held regular auctions in the 1930s and 1940s, selling the fine collections of Ulli, Wessner, Winterthur and Sully Castle. Even before the war, he was able to liquidate several large libraries and collections, such as those of Empress Marie Louise and the Dukes of Leutenberg.

Second generation

In 1950, August Laube Jr (1927-1989) joined the firm and this fruitful period lasted for over 30 years. From 1951 to 1970, the house held several important auctions, which helped to stimulate trade after the war (Bibilothek May, Savitch icon collection, collection "B", Cérenville and the so-called "Bordeaux" collection). In addition, August Laube Jr. expanded the range to include the trade in old master prints with a focus on Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt and, in addition, the early woodcut books. Gradually he expanded his field with the Impressionists and Expressionism into the early twentieth century. At 1. 96 m, he was known as the "tallest art dealer", but it was not only his stature that earned him much recognition and respect, but also his in-depth knowledge of prints and books that earned him an outstanding international reputation. Due to his early death in 1989, the business passed to his daughters Brigitta Laube and Daniela Laube, who continued it in his spirit.

Third generation

In 2004 Daniela Laube left the business and her sister Brigitta Laube took over the company alone. The company continues to be active nationally and internationally in all fields and regularly publishes catalogues of Swiss prints and drawings, a representative catalogue with all five fields in which the house is active.
Even during her school years, Brigitta Laube worked for the antiquarian bookshop in her spare time and was allowed to accompany her father on a number of trips. After training in art history in London, she was given the opportunity to work on the largely unprocessed museum collection at the Musée des Beaux-Arts Caen. In 1983/84 she worked at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston under the renowned Goya expert Eleonore Sayre. The firm has now been under Brigitta Laube's management for over 10 years and her clients include the world's leading museums as well as many private collectors at home and abroad.
August Laube is one of the founding members of Vebuku (Swiss League of Antiquarian Book and Print Dealers) and a member of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers on whose board Brigitta Laube has served.
The shop moved to Kirchgasse 32 in Zurich in 2018 after 46 years on Trittligasse.

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