Historia plantarum (centuria prima) fascicu-lus quem ex Bibliotheca D. Christopho-riIacobi Trew ... editit et illustravit Casi-mirus Christophorus Schmidel. Nuremberg, JohannMichael Seligmann, 1759. folio.

With title vignette, headpiece, and 14 plates with 50 illustrations of plants, engraved by J.M. Seligmann, in contemporary colouring. Coloured. 2 fol., 43 pp. Hpgt. d. with label.
Cf. Nissen, BBI, 700; Pritzel 3296; Arpad Plesch coll. P. 237 First part (of 2), also published as part I of the second volume of the "Opera botanica" (Nbg., 1754-1770).
Title slightly fingerstained, cover somewhat scuffed. [41143].